UFC: Michael Bisping discusses Belcher, Lombard, Hendo and getting called out

By Steph Daniels

Michael Bisping may not have won his last fight, but he’s definitely winning at life. With a new, two year TV analyst deal freshly signed, an upcoming fight booked with one of the top middleweights in the world, and a slew of diehard fans firmly in his corner, things are always sunny in The Count’s back yard.

One thing that comes along with being a Top 10 athlete with an outspoken manner, is that you get called out a good bit. I’d wager to say that Michael gets called out as much as any currently fighting champion. Recently, he even had an NFL pro bet his Bentley in a call-out video with Alan Belcher. Bisping responded with one of his own, and the battle before the battle is officially in full swing.

I recently spoke to Michael and got his thoughts on a variety of topics including Belcher’s video, being called out constantly, Dan Henderson and Hector Lombard. Here’s what he had to say:

Alan Belcher’s Bentley video / Bisping’s Fiat 500 counter video

When I first saw the video, a bunch of things went through my mind. First of all, I thought, ‘How stupid. This is just ridiculous.’ Then I felt sorry for him. Then I wondered, after seeing the look on his face, if he had some kind of mental problem.

So many people had seen it, and were asking me for a response, so I figured I had to give them one. I wanted to do it in my own way. I thought the silliest part was the guy trying to show how much money he had. I’m not like that. That’s not my background. I drive a nice car, but I’m certainly not gonna sit in a Range Rover thinking that I’m a big shot. That’s not where I come from, and I don’t think that sends out the right message about me or what I’m about. I figured that when I countered his video, we’d just make them look like the idiots and put a Fiat 500 on the line [laughs].

Hector Lombard

I’ve met the guy once, and he didn’t leave a very good impression and he acted like kind of an idiot. All I did was tell my side of the story about how that meeting went. It didn’t go well, but other than that, we really don’t have any personal history, yet he continually calls me out, makes disparaging remarks … this and that.

He always talks about how good he is, so why wouldn’t I take some personal satisfaction in seeing him come up short. I absolutely enjoyed watching that. I liked watching Yushin Okami make him look very average.

Yeah, he’s way over-priced and he’s not the biggest name. I’m not sure if he’s a big draw or not, and that was what Chael was trying to say. Me, personally, I’ve never been the advocate for someone losing their job. I’m not a businessman and it’s not my money on the line. It’s not my decision at all, but I never want to see someone lose their job.

Hendo vs The Dragon

Obviously that fight didn’t deliver the fireworks that were expected. I think everybody knew, deep down, that was how the fight was going to go. When I fought Henderson, I tried to use a similar game plan, but he did land that big shot. Anyone that knows the fight game knew that Machida would use his footwork and elusiveness to try and get in and out, and avoid that big haymaker.

I thought Machida won the fight. He got booed after, and I didn’t agree with the booing. He did what he needed to do to win. Was it the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen? Absolutely not. I’m not saying Dan isn’t a good fighter, because he is, and he was good enough to knock me out, but if he doesn’t land that big shot, he doesn’t really have a Plan B, and he doesn’t use his wrestling much anymore. He’s just always looking to land that big right hand, and if he can’t land it, as we saw the other night, he comes up short.

Hey DJ

I just Dj’d at Sutra last week, there in Costa Mesa. I’ll be honest, that might have been my last one. When I was a kid, I used to DJ a lot, and that was how I was able to train full time and still keep a roof over my head. I was obsessed with it. I loved it.

When my UFC career took off, I stopped doing it. After a while, I got back into it. It was all anybody would ever talk about, and I needed a hobby outside of fighting. I started taking a few bookings and this and that, but I think I might be getting a little bit too old for it. I’m 34 years old now [laughs]. I’m probably still going to do the odd set here and there, but they’ll be few and far between.

I don’t do it for the money, I am just very passionate about the music. If I do the odd set, it will have to be at one of the nicer places, because that’s not the best environment to be in, that late at night. I do enjoy the music, and it’s nice to get out there and spin a set every once in a while.

Constant call outs

It’s a double edged sword. You could take it as an offense, but I don’t. I take it as a complement. I’ve been no stranger to being insulted over the years, so I have very thick skin. These days, when people call me out, I look at it as a complement, because these days when somebody wins a fight, instead of calling out the champion, they call me out. Maybe it’s name recognition, or maybe they think I’m an easier fight, but it’s all good to me. I’m never going to be short of opponents, because plenty of people want to fight me. To all those people that call me out, I thank you.

You can follow Michael via his Twitter, @Bisping

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